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Pleural infection is quite a common clinical problem particularly in developing world that is associated with a high mortality and morbidity.

The development of an empyema associated with pneumonia. It is a progressive process classified in three stages.

Empyema is still a challenge for thoracic surgeons. Dr. Pramoj Jindal, one of the best empyema surgeons in Delhi, offers diverse acute empyema and chronic empyema surgical treatment in Delhi options. The triphasic nature of thoracic empyema (stages I, II, and III) is also addressed by him. The philosophies of empyema surgical treatment in Delhi are initial diagnosis and timely empyema treatment in Delhi. For acute empyema (empyema in stages I and II), early surgical intercession, such as video-assisted thoracoscopic débridement, is suggested when conventional chest tube drainage has been unsuccessful.

Radical treatments of chronic empyema (empyema in stage III) include elimination of the empyema space (decortication with or without lung resection) and eradication of the pleural space with muscle folds or omentum flaps or by thoracoplasty. Decortication is the process of choice for patients with re-expandable underlying lung. When bronchopleural fistula subsists in the underlying lung, the fistula should be firmly closed. For those patients whose underlying lung cannot be anticipated to re-expand, the process of choice is either associated elimination of the affected lung with the empyema space or demolition of the pleural space. Selecting the most appropriate operation centered on the phases of empyema, the situation of the underlying lung and the situations of a patient is very important.

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