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Thoracic Cancer Surgery

Thoracic surgery refers to surgeries of organs in the chest i.e. the lungs, heart and also esophagus. Instances of thoracic surgery consist of coronary artery bypass surgery, heart transplant, lung transplant and amputation of portions of the lung affected by cancer. A dedicated thoracic surgeon in Delhi like Dr. Pramoj Jindal treats lung and esophageal cancers. Thoracic cancer surgery in Delhi might be used to identify or overhaul lungs affected by cancer, trauma or pulmonary disease. For lung cancer, the thoracic chest surgeons in Delhi might remove nodules, tumors and lymph nodes to identify, stage and treat the ailment. Thoracic surgery processes might be implemented thoracic surgical centers in Delhi with either minimally invasive techniques or an open surgical process called a thoracotomy. The surgeon might settle on a thoracotomy when it is essential to see big portions of the lung or internal chest cavity. The process might be implemented to confiscate the whole lung or a part of the lung.

Thoracotomy techniques

A thoracotomy to treat lung cancer might be implemented using:

·         Wedge resection confiscates the tumor and tissue adjoining the cancer.

·         Anatomical segmental resection confiscates the tumor, the blood vessels, the lymphatic drainage and the lung section where the tumor is traced.

·         Lobectomy confiscates the whole lobe of the lung that has cancer and also the lymph nodes.

·         Pneumonectomy confiscates the entire lung with the lymph nodes.

·         Pleurectomy confiscates the internal lining of the chest cavity.   

Minimally invasive techniques

Minimally invasive thoracic surgeries that can treat cancer consist of:

·         Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS): During this process, the thoracic surgeon in Delhi inserts a long, reedy tube with an attached camera via a trivial incision in the chest. This device is called a thoracoscope. Special instruments also are introduced via trivial incisions in the chest. The surgeon operates while observing the video from the thoracoscope on high-resolution screens in the operating chamber.

·         Robotic thoracic surgery: Like VATS, this process permits the surgeon to view the surgical location through a camera that is inserted in the chest. The surgeon maneuvers at a console, using controls that decipher the surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements into activities of the instruments introduced in the torso.


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