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Thoracic Cancer Surgery


Thoracic Cancer Surgery

Has your doctor advised of a choice between robotic surgery and traditional surgery? Are you worried as to which one to opt for? Robotic surgery in Delhi is well noted for the different easier procedures that the doctors have to undergo in the present situation. Here, they primarily use small incisions that are not much harmful and can help to recover at a faster pace. Also, it allows the surgeon to view high-definition, magnified 3D images that can give a clear picture of the tests that are been performed. In comparison to the traditional laparoscopic surgery, this helps the surgeons to provide a wider picture and a great range of motion along with better precision for performing the operation. This is also accepted by the doctors as it can lead to less bleeding and post-operation pain.

Thoracotomy techniques

A thoracotomy to treat lung cancer might be implemented using:

Minimally invasive techniques

Minimally invasive thoracic surgeries that can treat cancer consist of:

Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS):

During this process, the thoracic surgeon in Delhi inserts a long, reedy tube with an attached camera via a trivial incision in the chest. This device is called a thoracoscope. Special instruments also are introduced via trivial incisions in the chest. The surgeon operates while observing the video from the thoracoscope on high-resolution screens in the operating chamber.

Robotic thoracic surgery:

Like VATS, this process permits the surgeon to view the surgical location through a camera that is inserted in the chest. The surgeon maneuvers at a console, using controls that decipher the surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements into activities of the instruments introduced in the torso.

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